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About us

Argonaut Marine Group (‘Argonaut’) provides marine pilotage services, specialised personnel, and port services to the Australian maritime industry. Established at Dampier, Western Australia in 2011, we recently marked completion of more that 11,000 Argonaut piloted vessel movements in the Port of Dampier. We have built a reputation for getting the job done, with the experience and know-how of our team of professional mariners. Our capability also includes offshore pilotage experience and we are now positioned to provide a range of pilotage and Marine Representative services to the Australian offshore oil & gas industry. We are committed to working with our clients to achieve operational improvement, and our experience and operational expertise enables our team to deliver safe, reliable and flexible marine service solutions including:
  • Marine Pilotage
  • Offshore Pilotage
  • Pilot Transfer
  • Pilotage Consultancy
Argonaut now provides marine pilotage services at:
  • Port of Dampier for Pilbara Port Authority
  • Port of Dampier for MMA Offshore Shorebase
  • Port of Cape Preston for CPPC
  • Port Melville Tiwi Islands NT
The Argonaut team has experience piloting a wide range of vessels types including:

  • Cape Class Bulk Carrier
  • Panamax Bulk Carrier
  • Handsize Bulk Carrier
  • Passenger Ships
  • Product Tankers
  • Coastal Traders
  • Livestock Carriers
  • Dredging Fleet Vessels
  • Drilling Ships
  • MODU
  • Seismic Survey Vessels
  • Offshore Support Vessels
  • Jack-up Platforms
  • Heavy Lift Vessels
  • Semi-Submersible Vessels
  • LCTs
  • Contruction Barges
  • Cargo Barges
  • Tugs
  • Workboats
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